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A Reggio-Emilia Inspired Preschool

Annual Open House Feb 2nd 10-11:30

ANCHOR Parent/Toddler Program

  • 2 year olds and their parents
  • Friday
  • Early class from 9:15-11am OR late class from 11:30-1:15pm
  • 1:4.5 ratio with a maximum of 9 students
  • $175/month plus $45 annual snack fee (2018-2019)

Preschool Program

  • Equal balance of 3 and 4 year olds
  • Monday-Thursday
  • Morning class from 9:15am-11:45am OR
  • Afternoon class from 1:00pm-3:30pm
  • 1:6 ratio with a maximum of 18 students
  • $420/month plus $110 annual snack fee (2018-2019)

We highly recommend both the VCSC Anchor and preschool programs. We visited many preschools hoping to find the right fit for our children, and from the minute we stepped in the classroom, we knew there was something magical about the school. VCSC truly stood out amongst many other schools we visited. The experienced teachers passionately transform the space to be incredibly inviting for young children to explore, create, learn and have fun. We have loved the play-based Reggio-inspired approach and feel it has allowed our daughters to thrive in their preschool years and beyond. We believe the Anchor program was a perfect way to transition to preschool, and our eldest has had a seamless transition from preschool to kindergarten. Our girls have such cherished memories from a dedicated, vibrant and positive preschool experience and we are grateful to have found this very special school.

Kristin L.

Our three boys attended Vancouver Child Study Centre (VCSC) and they all loved their experiences in the preschool. The reason they loved going to VCSC was because they were able to use their imagination and creativity to come up with games, projects, plays and structures thanks to the guidance of well qualified teachers and the incredible materials they had access to. The Reggio methodology helped them develop many problem solving skills by doing things with their hands and by negotiating and interacting in so many projects with other children. I can say that this guided play based teaching methodology equipped them with greater creativity to write and tell stories as well as stronger fine motor skills once they started school. However, they miss the creative environment of VCSC that at ages 13, 10 and 5, they still play with the recycling box materials to come up with amazing projects.

Martha A.

There is a special kind of magic at VCSC. The anchor program is a lovely introduction to the school and has really helped with our children’s transition to independence in the classroom. It’s also a fantastic way to get to know the other families attending the school. Each of our children has loved their time there and thrived in different ways. All of the teachers are fantastic. The emphasis on play-based activities and the focus on creativity, building and art enrich their experience of preschool while still encouraging their early socialization and independence with their peers in a warm supportive environment.

Helen M.

We toured several preschools with our eldest daughter and within minutes of her interacting with the classroom and teachers at VCSC's open house we were sold on the school. VCSC has been one of the best decisions we have made for our children; the environment, teachers and Reggio practice are amazing and unlike any other we could find in the city. With our second child we have had the opportunity to also experience the Anchor program which is as wonderful as the 3/4 program. We feel blessed to have found such a gem of a preschool for our little family and look forward to returning once more with our third child.

Sara P.